Kalter Staub going to be back from the grave...

New Releases

KS 7: マスクド・ダイオウド "銀色のブッダを飲み込め" C60
Hardcore electronics. Limited to 30 copies.

KS 8: Sellenah Setho Funeral / Ende "Princess" C60
Split title of female dark ambient acts. Limited to 30 copies.  


KS 6: 古い水 "子獲ろ Kotoro" C60   
Old school industrial noise. Limited to 30 copies.


KS 1: Cecilia "Ashes"
KS 2: Ende "Gift"
KS 3: Negative Climax "Memento Mori"
KS 4: Sellenah Setho Funeral "L' Annulaire"
KS 5: Vent "Early Garbage"